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Help for Long Distance Real Estate Investments

Long distance real estate purchases may sound unusual, but happen more and more often, especially in our region. You may even have one in your future. Please consider hiring someone locally like us to help with all of the logistics that need to happen after the purchase. Most clients who have hired us for this purpose all say the same thing, that they had no idea how many things they would need our help with. We coordinate service providers that are needed after purchase and provide access and entry and supervision of your home. For some clients I obtain the keys from the broker after the closing, and will set up lock boxes on the property to provide access to service people after they have been properly vetted. I also provide key holder services for clients that prefer not to use a lock box, and will arrange appointments and meet service providers on site. Whatever your needs are as an absentee homeowner we can help make the transition smooth and secure. Contact Coast Home Watch of Saint Augustine to discuss how we can help you with your long distance real estate investments.

lock box for service providers from Coast Home Wtach of St Augustine

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