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Important Steps to Take When Storing Your Vehicle Long-Term

If you plan to leave your car in FL for the summer while you escape the heat up north, there are some important steps to consider. How easy it would be if you could just close the door of your garage and leave, but you must protect it to avoid issue with your tires, engine, insects, mold and mildew.

Ideally, you can store your car indoors. However most garages are not climate controlled. First, in addition to closing your windows, close all the air vents to avoid letting the higher-humidity air into the car. Next you’ll want to keep some air flow during the peak heat hours of the day. This can easily be done with a box fan and a timer. You can also use a dehumidifier but keep in mind you’d need to connect a drain to it or have your homewatch provider empty it regularly. To avoid coming home to a dead or damaged battery you should connect it to a trickle charger. Flat spots can occur on your tires if left in the same position for too long so to combat this deflate your tires up to 10 psi, or ask your homewatch provider to regularly either reposition your car or take it for a short drive periodically (as long as your home/auto insurance covers this.)

If you have no other option than leaving your car outdoors the first and foremost prep step is to cover it with a car cover. Don’t skimp on this step – it being the first line of defense between your car and the elements you want to get a quality one. Do not just rely on the tie-downs that come with the cover, adding additional bungee cords, straps, or rope is highly recommended especially during our summer storm season, and have your home caretaker add this to the inspection checklist to make sure it is always secure. If a carport or other shielding structure is not available, do your very best to avoid direct sunlight. If possible position your car next to a structure that will shade it during peak sun hours, while being careful not to park under or near trees that could damage your vehicle during a storm.

The best thing you can do for your stored vehicle is have a homewatch service regularly check on it like Coast Homewatch of St August. Give us a call or email us to discuss all your home care needs.

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