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Are You - And Your Air Handler - Ready for Summer?

Spring is here and while you’re getting some of those spring cleaning chores done, don’t forget to check your air handler unit so it’s in top shape for the warm weather coming our way any time now. If you have a maintenance agreement with a HVAC contractor they should be checking your unit regularly, so you don’t get any surprises on that first hot day you click it on for some cool relief. Additionally, as an absentee homeowner, you should ensure that these steps are performed regularly to keep your unit in running order:

- Change filters regularly, every 30-90 days, depending on time of year/amount of use. Check it monthly for build-up and change accordingly

- Check that the condensation pans are clean and rust free

- Clean dirt and debris from outside cabinet

- Look for rust, cracks, water stains or other damage on equipment

- Test thermostat settings

- Listen for any unusual noises that may indicate a problem

In addition to your professional maintenance agreement and annual inspection, a home watch service like Coast Home Watch of St. Augustine can perform these steps each time they do a check on your home. If a problem is found, they can contact you and your HVAC contractor. Keeping your equipment maintained and in good shape will extend the life of the unit and keep you in the cool!

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