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Tips For Electrical Safety At Your Second Home or Rental Property

Keep your second home or vacation rental safe:

• Avoid using extension cords - Extension cords are a temporary solution to a lack of accessible outlets. Install enough outlets in your home to service your electrical needs. If you must use an extension cord ensure it is rated to handle the wattage of the device with which it will be used, and has a polarized or 3-pronged plug

. • Perform an electrical cord check-up - Check cords running from appliances. Replace any that are frayed, old, or for the wrong wattage. Remove cords from under carpets or running across doorways. • Look for warning signs- Walk around your property and examine all electrical outlets and switches. Do they feel warm? Replace them. Flickering and dimming can also indicate electrical issues. • Hire a pro for all electrical work - Don’t go the DIY route. Address any electrical problems by contacting a professional electrician. • Use a qualified home watch service like Coast Home Watch of St. Augustine to regularly check on your unoccupied property to ensure its safety and security. Using our services catches issues before they arise, or become disasters.

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